Award Winning Chipotle Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Chipotle Chicken Grilled Cheese Sandwich This recipe requires 1 cup of shredded chicken. You can use any type for pre-cooked shredded chicken you may have on hand or you can use my quick and easy recipe for making shredded chicken.  Prep Time 10 minutes  Cook Time 20 minutes  Total Time 30 minutes  Servings 2 Ingredients 1 cup cooked chicken recipe below 10-12 slices of Emmi Le Gruyere […]

Bavarian-Style Soft Pretzels

These pretzels, called laugenbrezeln, take a bit of planning and time. But they only spend a quarter-hour in the oven, filling the kitchen with a lovely smell, and then you have soft, warm, salty pretzels that you made yourself. What’s that worth? A lot. INGREDIENTS (makes 12 pretzels) 1 tablespoon barley malt syrup or dark brown sugar […]

Christmas Cinnamon Rolls

A sweet cinnamon butter filling makes this simple bread really special – and it’s much easier to shape than you might expect. Preparation time 1-2 hours Cooking time 30 mins to 1 hour Serves Makes 1 large loaf Ingredients For the dough 75g/2¾oz unsalted butter, melted 250ml/9fl oz full-fat milk, warmed 450g/1lb strong plain bread […]